The Giving Farm

Marigold Farms Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization looking to build "The Giving Farm". The Farm will be lead by a Board of Directors working together with a paid staff that includes; an Executive Director, Farm Manager, Assistant Farm Manager, Director of Adult Education, Director of Children’s Education, independent instructors, interns, and community volunteers.

The farm will be located within Ventura County and will be built on a 2-3 acre agricultural zoned land. The farm will be built in three phases: Phase I: Land & Buildings, Phase II: Animals, and Phase III: Programs. Marigold Farms Inc will be a zero waste and fully sustainable farm. In today’s ever growing concern with restoration of ecosystems, Marigold Farms Inc will be a leader in helping those in their local and neighboring communities to see the benefits of food forests in rural, suburban, and urban areas.

Marigold Farms Inc will service Ventura County, Los Angeles County, and Santa Barbara County to provide educational tools to help residents, schools, and businesses to learn the importance of reconnecting with nature and the benefits of building food forests.

Each phase of building Marigold Farms Inc Giving Farm as well as sustaining operations will be funded through grants, donations, sponsorships, volunteers, and fundraising. The timeline for project phases will be: September 2019-December 2020 (Phase I), January 2021-December 2021 (Phase II & Phase III).


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