Soil to Soil Education Program

Teaching the Community

Marigold Farms Inc hopes to accomplish a community that comes together to help one another succeed in living a happy and healthy life through organic farming and sustainable living. We hope through each of our programs that we are able to inspire, empower, and support our community and those surrounding us. 


Our Soil to Soil Education Program was inspired by the idea that soil life is cyclic from the seed you plant to the compost that you make. We are currently working to get the topics below online for everyone to watch. Our program is free and available nationwide. 

Online Workshop Topics:

  • The Human Microbiome 

  • Fermenting the Foods We Grow & the Benefits 

  • Starting Your Zero Waste Journey

  • Healthy Living Soil  

  • Eating the Wild 

  • Creating Homemade Soaps, Candles, Salves & More

  • Local Women in Regenerative Agriculture

  • Making Kombucha 

  • Building Houses for Pollinators & Predators (Bats, Owls, Bees, and Bluebirds)

  • Composting is for Everyone


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