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6 Winter Remedies for Child Ailments

As the temperature changes from warmer to cooler weather our little love bugs may get a sniffle and that can turn into a cold or flu. Children, like a adults can be very uncomfortable when they are under the weather. So what to do when your little one gets the flu or a cold?

1. Hydration: Make sure your little one stays hydrated when sick. Staying hydrated helps the body to fight off any virus or infection they might acquire.

2. Stay indoors, keep warm, and give them lots of cuddles: Little ones can get just as grouchy as us when we get sick, nothing feels better if a parent can spend sometime keeping them company while reading a book or watching a movie.

3. Keep warm with a nice cup of tea: Organic teas are readily available at most grocery stores. Sipping on chamomile and other herbal teas can help with mucus, a fever, or a sore throat. Traditional Medicinals has a great range of teas for most ailments.

4. Rest, rest, rest: Let your little one sleep in and stay home from school. Do not let a sick kid go out and get other individuals sick. Your child needs their rest and other children don't need to feel under the weather.

5. Eat healthy: Having a healthy, balanced, and organic meal will aid your body in fighting off the flu and cold. A nice organic wholesome free range chicken soup or some free range eggs in the morning with a favorite green leafy veggie can make a big difference. Don't be afraid to have bone broth which can help with the digestive system.

6. When to seek medical attention: Be sure to know when to consulate your pediatrician or go to the emergency room. High fevers, constant coughs, constant diarrhea, uncontrollable vomiting, and dehydration is very serious and you should seek medical attention immediately.

Being sick during the holidays is no fun for any child who wants to play with a new gift or spend time with family. The best way to beat most colds and flu is to prevent them and eat a healthy organic diet. The stronger your body and immune system can be, the better they get at fighting off illness.

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