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Support Your Local 4-H

Living in Los Angeles County for most my life I only heard stories about 4-H from my father who grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Sometimes we would go to the County fairs and see kids dressed all in white with green hats on showing off animals, produce, crafts, baked goods, etc. It seemed very country bumpkin' to me until I had my kids.

Let's go back to 2014, I was diagnosed with SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus), I had a mild to moderate condition. I was in pain, itching like crazy, and a whole lot other not so fun symptoms. My daughter who was four at the time went for a walk with me at a local park and we came across what looked like a community garden. I had never seen one up close before. I only read about them online. Long story short we joined the garden, I became Council Secretary and Education Chair then spent two years as President and I continued to do Education Chair. I worked with homeschooling groups, local parents, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Eagle Scouts, etc. The one thing I never planned on was my daughter getting emotionally upset over why kids could not join the council. She wanted to do what I did. I was never a huge fan of selling Girl Scout cookies and at the time the Boy Scouts were not taking girls.

In 2018, an opportunity and an unexpected misfortune led us to leave Santa Clarita Valley. Our landlord was selling his home and we needed to move. I talked for years about moving to Ventura County, but my husband who is a Marine Biologist who works in Carson was not so happy about the drive. In the end we found a place on the far west side of Simi Valley up on the hills. I had a eight and half year old and one month year old in toe and all I could think about was joining the local gardens. I never stopped to realize my situation was not the same in Santa Clarita. My daughter wanted to be part of the community and volunteer like I did. So then after about five months a light bulb turned on at half power.

Ventura County has a 4-H program, so I looked on line and there it was Conejo Some 4-H. I signed her up just in time for the first meeting. It almost seemed like it was all meant to be. As I was trying to figure out how to start my own nonprofit farm, my daughter wanted to get involved in her own way. So we attended the meetings and signed up for projects. She is happily raising two chickens and one rooster, a soon to be rabbit, learning about speech and presentation, and soon enough gardening and agriculture.

So why all this about 4-H? Why support 4-H?

Did you know these kids are amazing leaders and are the most inquisitive bunch. They run their own meetings just like a garden council. My daughter was smitten with the fact that kids ran the show and the adults were their to support and lend a hand.

So yes go out there and start a 4-H if you don't have one or get involved with your local 4-H, it's not all farm animals and growing vegetables. The increased interest in technology has brought about more modern projects for the children to be involved with. If you are interested in supporting or donating to the Conejo Simi 4-H Club please message us today.

Thank you!

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