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Save the Seeds!

Last month, I had the opportunity to see a very delightful and eye opening documentary titled, "Seed: The Untold Story." This documentary informs viewers about the major decline in seed diversity around the world. It mentions how our once abundant seed diversity has been dwindled down by massed produced varieties. Ancient farmers and gardeners have work effortlessly to keep the ancient varieties going.

The world's seed varieties have declined 93% in the last 80 years. That means with in one century we were able to destroy something more precious than money. In the film you will hear one of the ancient farmers from the Western United States mention that money can not feed you, but a seed can. Seed banks throughout the world are more precious to their countries than their own banks. If you drop a bomb on a bank, the money is insured and is in some ways just digital fictitious number. If you drop a bomb on a seed bank then you destroy the main food source for that country.

The film introduces you to different seed savers around the United States as well as showing you the Global Seed Vault in Norway. I don't want to give away the entire documentary, but it is definitely worth watching. It does touch on the evil corporation we all know as Monsanto and their new owners, Bayer. It sheds light on the importance of buying locally organic produce and staying away from GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) foods.

At Marigold Farms, we are doing our part in saving seeds that are non-gmo and we also encourage others to stay away from gmo foods and grow organic produce. Save your seeds not just because it will save you money when planting, but do it because it is worth it. There is so much new information coming out each day on the harmful effects of food, water, and the air in which we live. This is especially true for those of us that live in Metropolitan areas around the world. Remember to put the health of you and your family first, if we each take this step in a better health we would certainly start making the Earth a better place. For more information on the documentary, "Seed:The Untold Story," please click on the movie poster.

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