Grow-A-Garden Program

Why Grow a Garden?

The Grow-A-Garden program was inspired by a movement called Food Not Lawns by Heather Jo Flores. In our community, many residents have lawns that are being sprayed and fertilized each season, year after year. Studies have found that spraying pesticides, fungicides and  herbicides are not good for the soil's health or even the health of plants and animals including humans. There has also been a significant decrease in food for pollinators and other native animals due to the removal of native plants and the increased amount of land development by humans. This program works with community members who have land or even a small space and want to grow a healthy garden that provides organic produce for them, their community, and the natural world around them. 


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Grow-A-Garden Projects

The Grow-A-Garden program is currently running one ongoing Project: Seasonal Seedling Giveaway. We give away seedlings in spring, summer, and fall. There's a maximum of 2 plants per household if sponsorship increases we will be able to increase the giveaways to 3 plants per household. This project is open to all residents in Ventura County. We also give away seedling trays to schools and nonprofits in Ventura County & Santa Barbara County. 

Seasonal Seedling Giveaway Project Wishlist:

  • Organic Seeds

  • Seedling Soil Mix

  • Containers

  • Seedling Grow Shelves