Grow A Garden Program

The Grow A Garden program was inspired by a movement called Food Not Lawns by Heather Jo Flores. In our community, many residents have lawns that are being sprayed and fertilized each season, year after year. Recent studies have found that spraying pesticides, fungicides and  herbicides are not good for the soil's health or even the health of plants and animals including humans. There has also been a significant decrease in food for pollinators and other native animals due to the removal of native plants and the increased amount of land development by humans. This program works with community members who have land or even a small space and want to grow a healthy garden that provides organic produce for them, their community, and the natural world around them. 



It's a program that also encourages the sharing of abundance, this program partners with nonprofit food organizations that distribute produce to the underserved communities. It's a wonderful program that allows individuals from different backgrounds, ages, and stages in their life to work together and help one another as well as help the natural world around them. 


Our team works with our host gardens to grow healthy organic produce that works with nature. Our Program Coordinator manages and schedules workshops at host sites. Host sites are residential homes, churches, small community gardens, or small nonprofits that are looking to grow organic produce that works with nature. Essentially our Program Coordinator works with your community volunteers, family, or friends to design and build small food forests. Food Forests are a mixture of native plants, fruits, and vegetables. Produce is harvested with at least 40% donated to local nonprofit food organizations. We also incorporate an educational component with everything we do, this helps teach those in the community how to grow a beautiful abundant garden that works with nature.


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