Community Support Program

Current Community Projects

We are currently working on two Projects for our Community Support Program which include:

  • Giving Farm Produce Project Wishlist:

    • Raised Garden Beds 

      • OMRI Garden Soil​

      • Organic Seeds

      • Wood

      • Micro Irrigation

      • Large Ollas

    • Fruit Trees & Vines

      • Cherry, Peach, Papaya, Juniper, ​

      • Avocado, Apple, Passionfruit, Blackberries

      • Hops, Grapes, Mulberry

    • Native Pollinator Gardens

      • California native shrubs and flowers​​​

  • Giving Farm Animals Project Wishlist: 

    • Chicken Coop​

      • Wood​

      • Sponsor A Hen

      • Hardware Cloth

      • Organic Chicken Feed

    • Rabbit Hutch 

      • Wood​

      • Sponsor A Bunny

      • Hardware Cloth

      • Timothy Hay

    • Worm Compost 

      • Stackable Bins​

      • Red Wigglers

How We Support the Community 

The Community Support Program allows us to provide produce, seedlings, seeds, chicken manure, compost, as well as other farm products to the community. We work with other nonprofits including community gardens and community food forests. We are also working on building a community farm cart that will allow families to drive up on the weekend to pick up farm goods. We hope that our Community Support Program will help address some of the social issues our community faces including food insecurity. 



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