About Us

There is a multitude of issues currently facing communities all over the world. Marigold Farms Inc hopes to be a leader by inspiring, empowering, and supporting the residents of Ventura County and surrounding areas to make changes to their community by addressing both environmental issues and social issues. Each program is fueled through our small farm in Ojai, California.

At the farm, we grow seedlings/starters as free giveaways to those in the community looking to grow organic produce at home or in community gardens each season.  We grow vegetables, herbs, and fruit on our 1/4 acre land to donate to partnering nonprofits and to the community at large from our produce cart. We donate 95% of the produce we grow to the community to help those who are food insecure. The other 5% we grow is left for pollinators as well as for seed saving. We are currently bulking up our seed library so that we can donate our seeds to the community. 


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1116 Moreno Drive Ojai, CA 93023